Duncan James


Future gigs

Recent gigs were 

  • Heads Up at Off the Cuff (Mondays)

  • McCallum (vocalist) with my piano trio, waiting to edit our January studio session

  • South London Jazz Orchestra

During the Covid lockdown, I am exchanging Tune of the Week solos with other musicians, and offering online jazz piano tuition.

See my Workshop page for:

  • Solo versions of jazz standards

  • Original compositions using keyboard or virtual instruments

  • NEW online collaboration Saunter Town quartet

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About me

I am a pianist, composer and teacher. I perform mainly in jazz, bringing in a range of other influences. My compositions for Territory include Latin and Township elements. My film score for Emak Bakia has classical as well as jazz influences.


I play in Heads Up, the house band on Mondays at Off the Cuff, Herne Hill, and work with Moses Bastiano, vocalist. Gigs done include Vortex, 606 Club and Royal Festival Hall Commuter Jazz series. I played in the Hot Orange Big Band. 

My compositions have been played extensively by Territory, which I co-lead with Roger Humbles (saxes). 

I have created events with music related to art work (at Hotel Elephant gallery) and with my silent film score (at the Cinema Museum). Again with visual contexts in mind, I am composing using virtual instruments. 

Original music performed by Territory. We also play familiar lively music when performing at parties and weddings.

Quiet, slow, serious, moody.

One-off events in interesting venues featuring new compositions as well as art, comedy or film.

Highlights from previous gigs


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